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Mepal Community Led Plan

The launch event for the current Mepal Community Led Plan (CLP) took place in October 2017 and was attended by a number of residents who were keen to have a say in the future of Mepal. A steering group was formed at the beginning of 2018, with various surveys being distributed to residents over the period to February 2019. The final report was distributed to all households in Mepal in February 2019.

The report consisted of a summary from the CLP Steering Group and a full results breakdown. Digital versions of the distributed report can be downloaded here:

Final Mepal CLP Summary Report

Traffic Questionnaire Results

Main Questionnaire results

Mepal Parish Council wants to work with the residents to ensure that the projects and plans identified in the CLP are brought to fruition and had planned on a Community drop in earlier in 2020, which was postponed due to Covid-19 issues and the subsequent lock-down. As soon as we are able to hold community events we intend to explore some of the options with you all, but if you have any great ideas or can volunteer some of your time to help us with any community projects, please let us know.

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Telephone: 01353 741066
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