Mepal Parish Council

Pardon the weeds we are feeding the bees

We have received a number of comments regarding the verges – with many commenting how nice it is to see the Council thinking about the bees and insects and wildlife and some who would like to see tidier verges! Within urban areas and villages, Cambridgeshire County Council state that they cut their verges three times a year starting the first week of April. Mepal Parish Council manage the grass cutting of specific verges and greens in the village (not all) but this year we wanted to leave the grass in some areas a bit longer to help the bees and wildlife flourish. This is not a straightforward management issue as the weather has to be fine to cut and also sunshine and rain promotes grass growth, so between cuts there may be areas that show more growth. We would ask you to bear with us whilst we establish a routine that works for everyone (including the wildlife).

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