Mepal Parish Council

Jack Hickman

I moved into the village in July 2019 after getting a job at Caterpillar as a software engineer. I was brought up in a small village in Herefordshire and enjoyed living in a rural setting. We chose Mepal because we liked the idea of being part of a small village community and being able to walk to the pub! Shortly after moving here my son was born and so when he was 1, I decided to join the parish council so that I could help the community to continue to make the village an excellent place to bring up young children. I am also keen to get involved with village life and meet the people who live in the village. I am 30 years of age and have no experience of being a parish councillor but you have to start somewhere! I will do my best to represent villages views and will muck in where I can to keep the village running and a pleasant place for all to live.

Group Memberships

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