Mepal Parish Council

20/00630/FUM Planning application for Site South And West Of The Bungalow, Brick Lane – REFUSED

Despite a last minute flurry of amendments to the application to build 55 houses on the site south and west of the bungalow, Brick Lane, at last nights ECDC planning meeting the application was refused.

The Parish Council vice Chairman, two members of the public and both the County Councillor and District Councillor had all urged ECDC planning committee to uphold the planning officers recommendation to refuse the application so this is welcome news. The concern now is that a number of the members of the planning committee voted in favour of the proposal because of the 100% affordability nature of the proposal. There was also erroneous information that the density of the proposed development was ‘similar’ to that of the existing Chestnut way estate opposite the proposed site, which is factually incorrect. Chestnut way only has 49 properties, with the space to the edge of the plot all able to be utilised due to the location. This means in fact that there are 49 properties spread over 2.35 hectares, compared to 55 mixed houses and bungalows spread over only 1.8 hectares because of the open areas needed at the edges of the site.