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Mepal Matters Newsletter

Mepal Matters is the new name for the originally named Mepal People and is the Parish Council sponsored newsletter for Mepal.

Originally produced by members of the community, and then sponsored by the Parish Council and in the last 6 months the parish Council have assumed responsibility for the production of the Newsletter.

It is now to be produced quarterly and is currently delivered to more than 440 households within the parish. Find out what has been happening in the village and what exciting events are coming up. We would really like our Village Newsletter to reflect the interests and views of all Mepal residents, so we welcome and encourage parishioners to submit stories and articles for inclusion. Our editor will be happy to help with layout and pictures if desired – just get in touch! We have a limited amount of space, so may occasionally need to “crop” lengthy pieces, but in this cases we will always try to feature the full article on this website.

If you are a local advertiser or you represent a local group or club and you have information that you would like to include within the newsletter then please send it to

Don’t forget to send in your articles, stories, adverts (running free adverts for local businesses until further notice) and pictures/photos to us before 15th of any month for inclusion in the next issue!

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