Mepal Parish Council

Verges & Greens

Mepal Parish Council manages the grass cutting on our own land and for some County Council areas under an agreement with Cambridge County Council (CCC). Please understand that Mepal Parish Council are only legally able to carry out work on land they own (Recreation field, Laurel Close Greens, Lilibet Woods and Brangehill Drove) or on land that Cambridge County Council have contracted us to cut on their behalf.

The map below shows the verge and green cutting areas covered by the schedule. Please note that on land NOT owned by the Parish Council this relates ONLY to grass cutting. Any road and path maintenance (eg weed spraying) or overgrown hedgerows or tree surgery is the responsibility of the County Council and any comments or complaints should be directly communicated via the links available on the contact us page. We have now aligned our verge cutting schedule to bring it in line with a new Cambridgeshire County Council Verge cutting policy.

Mepal grass cutting map
Grass Cutting Areas

We have prepared a full statement in relation to our grass cutting policy that can be read here.

table for annual grass cutting
Annual grass cutting schedule
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