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Parish Clerk: Karen Peck

Telephone: 01353 741066


The position of the Mepal Parish Clerk is a part-time role and therefore we currently do not have fixed operating times. We will endeavour to respond to any enquiry as soon as possible, but please be patient if you do not receive an immediate response.

Please use the contact form below for the fastest response.

New parish Councillors to share the workload are actively being encouraged to apply to join the Parish Council . Please do drop us a line via the contact us form

Noticed a Fault?

Mepal Parish Council are only able to take action relating to property and land that we are the legal owners of. This is only the Recreation Field, including the PlayPark and the Pavilion, the Laurel Close Greens, Lilibet Woods & Brangehill Drove. We are also responsible for limited annual grass cutting of most of the grass verges under an arrangement with Cambridge County Council (CCC). A map of these verges is available on the Amenities>Verges and Greens page. Cambridge County Council retain responsibility for general maintenance of these areas and it is only grass cutting that we receive payment for. The grass cutting in some areas in Mepal (Meadow Way & River Way) is still managed by East Cambridgeshire County Council (ECDC).

If you notice a fault in any other area some useful contact details are provided below. Please use these reporting links first before reporting any unresolved issues to the Parish Council.

Report Antisocial behaviour or crime

From aggressive, noisy or abusive behaviour to neighbourhood disturbances involving drugs or animals, antisocial behaviour takes many forms. If you’ve witnessed antisocial behaviour, please report it to Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

Report Highways Faults

Report a problem on a road or footway in Cambridgeshire including potholes, overgrown verges, trees and public rights of way, and damaged road signs

Report Problem with Grit Bins in Mepal

More details of how to report can be read here

CCC General Enquiries

Use this link for general CCC enquiries that do not fall into any of the other categories

ECDC Customer services

Use this link for general ECDC enquiries that do not fall into any of the other categories


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