Mepal Parish Council

Recreation Ground

Mepal’s large recreation ground is located on the land backing onto Laurel Close, Chestnut way and Witcham Road. With pedestrian access from Laurel close and vehicular and pedestrian access via Witcham road, the Mepal recreation field is the ideal space for events and sports, or just a gentle walk around the perimeter.

A permanent basketball net is located on a tarmac area near to the play park and providing owners correctly dispose of any dog waste, dog walkers are currently permitted to use the perimeter of the area for dog walking and dog bins are provided at each end – please could we remind dog walkers to pick up and properly dispose of your dog’s poop! A project to refurbish the playing surface to bring competitive sports back to the Recreation Ground is planned to run from 2020-2022 which may limit access to some central areas at times.

Path & Car Park Works

We are delighted that with the grant from Mick George we have been able to refurbish the car park and install some new paths


Despite a beautiful looking field, we have had a slight setback with the lines themselves, which have failed to knit in. This is an essential requirement to maintain a playable surface  and so this will mean that home games cannot be played by the Mepal Sports Football team until 2022.

We hope to work with the football club and the FA to get a village event organised in the late summer, so watch for news!

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