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Regular hire of any part of the recreation field for match use with or without the use of the Pavilion will require a club to sign up to a Memorandum of Understanding in regards to funding the additional maintenance that results from regular sports use of the area compared to general recreational use as the Parish Council are unable to fund additional maintenance over and about the basic maintenance of a recreation field.

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Mepal’s large recreation ground is located on the land backing onto Laurel Close, Chestnut way and Witcham Road. With pedestrian access from Laurel Close and vehicular and pedestrian access via Witcham road, the Mepal recreation field is the ideal space for events and sports, or just a gentle walk around the perimeter.

A permanent basketball net is located on a tarmac area near to the play park and providing owners correctly dispose of any dog waste, dog walkers are currently permitted to use the perimeter of the area for dog walking on lead only and dog bins are provided at each end – please could we remind dog walkers to pick up and properly dispose of your dog’s poop! We have even installed a poop station with bags provided if you forget to bring your own or just run out. Please use them responsibly.

The updated Statement from the Parish Council regarding how football teams can return to Mepal can be read in the minutes of the August Council Meeting, agenda item 090822/6 item (a)

This statement is made on the basis of information in historical approved minutes and the historical financial records and other documents available to the current Parish Council and is absolutely NOT intended to blame any individuals, but merely to highlight the complexity and difficulty in resolving the issues.

The resurfacing and renovation work on the field was completed in Spring 2022, although we have now been advised that to avoid continuing issues with levels across areas used as football or sports pitches, when a pipe drainage system with lateral drains is installed, will require a level of ongoing annual maintenance. Historical documentation has shown that this was not made clear to the Parish Council or Football Club/MESSAGE in terms of the ongoing future cost (email July 2006 to the Clerk stated that the Parish Council only needed to keep the discharge pipe clear). The Grounds Management Association is now very clear that with only some 10-12 weeks available after the end of one season before the start of the next season, renovation of the pitch must commence and be completed in as short a time span as possible. This will give the rejuvenated pitch as long a period as possible to build up a reasonable level of resilience, as well as to achieve the desired performance standards.

The recommendations for required maintenance of this type of drainage system is currently 2 x Verti-drain in Spring & Autumn, 1 x Verti-quake  at Christmas, 2 x long life fertilisation, 1 x Weed control spray x1 and 1 x end of season Overseed. In addition lines will need to be topped up where needed throughout the season (patch repairs) and also at the end of the season before re-seeding. The issue is that re-seeding to be successful in June and July, will also likely require irrigation. Without a bore hole on site this irrigation is extremely expensive.

As the Parish Council have been informed that they cannot apply for the Football Foundation pitch maintenance grants, the playing of competitive sport on a regular basis will require an annual commitment from any team wanting to use the field as a playing pitch to cover these costs and the signing of a memorandum of understanding to agree to meet the estimated annual maintenance costs resulting from the playing of regular competitive games. We have obtained a competitive quote from a specialist pitch maintenance company which we can share, but any football club is able to supply details of their own contractor to carry out equivalent work. The work will need to be managed and supervised by the Parish Council to ensure that the required work is carried out thought the year and at the end of the season. A copy of the recommended work is available on request.



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