Mepal Parish Council

Planning application 21/01216/F3M Construction of a crematorium at site of former Mepal Outdoor Centre

21/01216/F3M Mepal Outdoor Centre Chatteris Road Mepal Ely Cambridgeshire

Construction of a crematorium and associated service and administration building, function building, memorial garden, natural burial areas, pet cemetery, car parking, new vehicular access from the A142 north of the site and landscaping.

An application been received  from ECDC who own the land for the development described above.

You can view the application and supporting information on the ECDC public access page

The Parish Council have been asked to submit any comments in relation to planning policies and to represent the community view in that respect and is calling for any views in relation to this application to be sent to by 31st August 2021. If any resident has strong views we would urge you to submit these individually and this can be made online Comments link or by emailing your comments to by 6th September.

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