Mepal Parish Council

Connecting Cambridgeshire – Gigabit connection for Mepal – status update

Mepal Parish as a whole is currently 88% Gigabit served by Openreach. Connecting Cambridgeshire are aware that the centre of the village has reasonable cover with the exception of houses along Laurel Close and Witcham road. However they don’t have any further details whether these premises will be completed by Openreach. With regards to the isolated premises at the north of the village centre which are included in the Intervention Area for the Government’s Project Gigabit, they were not listed in the build plan designated by CityFibre for deployment. Connecting Cambridgeshire will raise at the next meeting with them and if we get any further news we will update you all as soon as we receive new information .

Cambridgeshire County Council does not dictate where the rollout goes, as the government sets out the national Project Gigabit programme. However gigabit capable broadband is also being delivered by a number of commercial suppliers across the region, and Connecting Cambridgeshire continue working closely with the Government and the network operators to ensure that planned further coverage continues to target areas where there is no known superfast coverage already, as well as in areas where the telecoms market have no investment plans.
The government recognises that with increasing demand for data and more people working from home, faster and more reliable broadband is becoming essential and are committed to supporting fibre roll-out with a national target of 85% gigabit capable broadband coverage by 2025. Connecting Cambridgeshire are aiming to exceed this target and fully support the roll-out of better connectivity, recognising that access to healthcare, education and jobs has become increasingly reliant on digital connectivity.
An option to consider is the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme which the details are explained on The Government is providing voucher funding as immediate help for people experiencing slow broadband speeds in rural areas. The scheme is on pause for most premises in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough due to the Project Gigabit procurement however it is expected to be unpaused in the coming weeks and Connecting Cambridgeshire will update the information on their website accordingly. Connecting Cambridgeshire continue to work with communities and suppliers where no Project Gigabit or commercial coverage is planned to ensure residents do not miss out on the opportunity to apply as groups of premises for Rural Gigabit Vouchers to install full fibre connections (£4,500 per premise plus £1,500 top up if eligible) when the Government makes them available.
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