Mepal Parish Council

Flood Risk Warning December 2020

River levels are still rising and expected to remain high for several days at the Sutton Gault, Welney and Earith River gauges as a result of recent rainfall and are expected to increase with more water making its way from Bedfordshire.. Flooding of low lying roads and farmland is expected. Flooding is expected to affect Hundred Foot Washes, also known as the Ouse Washes, including the causeways at Sutton Gault, Welney and Earith. This information is correct as of 2:00 pm on Saturday 26th December. The causeway at Sutton Gault has approximately 1.0m of water on the road. The causeway at Welney has approximately 92 cm of water on the road. The causeway at Earith has approximately 13cm of water on the road. Due to uneven surface of the roads, water may be deeper in places. Further rainfall is expected overnight. We expect river levels to remain high. The situation is being closely monitored. Please plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded. We will update this posting as and when we receive new information.

Please sign up to flood alerts and keep an eye on the latest for where you live. More information can be found here: Flood warning information.

The current flood map below and scene from St Ives today highlights the problem, which we expect to get worse in our area as we have been notified that they intend to  open the gates at Bedford to ease the problems there.

Flood map Cambridgeshire dec 2020St Ives rising water December 26

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