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Great Turnout for Planting Party!

We had a fantastic turnout for the first stage of our Nature Recovery Plan for Mepal, with nearly 40 volunteers turning up and planting nearly 300 hedge plants and grow through trees in the empty corner of the recreation field. Not an easy task in the heavy clay soil, I can tell you! Our intention is to create a quiet haven in the corner of the field, with easy maintenance and as the hedges and trees grow, to provide shelter to add benches.

A quick note from Fiona, as without her enthusiasm and the financial support from ECDC we would not have been able to start this project, funded by the Pride of Place Grant awarded to the Parish Council.

The lines of the Species Rich Hedge & Tree plants have been designed to create 2 large clearings with sheltered glades, providing sunny micro climates for Bumblebees, Butterflies, Dragonflies, & Humans alike. We hope in the future you will be able to sit peacefully on an East facing ‘Morning’ bench, wrapped in the protection of the Hedge, & later enjoy a warm Westerly ‘Evening’ bench as the sun sets. The clearings will be a calm, birdsong filled, sanctuary to just ‘be’. Along with purchasing the initial plants, The Pride of Place Grant funds will also be used to buy native bulbs such as Snowdrops, Wild Daffodil, & Crocus – naturalising across the clearings

Fiona’s full article will be included in the next issue of the Mepal Matters Newsletter in May.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers (some too shy to be included in the group photo!)
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