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Register to vote now for the general election in July

Anyone who has not yet registered to vote is being encouraged to do so now in time for the general election on 4 July.

John Hill, the Acting Returning Officer for the Ely and East Cambridgeshire Constituency, said: “Registering to vote only takes a few minutes and it means you have the opportunity to have your say in the general election.

“If you are in doubt about whether you need to register to vote, have questions about how to apply for a postal or proxy vote, or free voter ID, you can contact our electoral services team on 01353 665555.

“Being on the electoral register can also help with your credit score which can be important for things like buying a car, opening a bank account, getting a mobile phone contract or applying for a mortgage.”

How to register to vote

Simply go online at the address below and complete the form or alternatively you can contact the elections office at East Cambridgeshire District Council and request a paper form.

The deadline for registering to vote is 18 June 2024.

To vote in person at this year’s elections you must have photographic voter ID. This can be your passport, driver’s licence (includes a provisional driver’s licence) or an identity card bearing the Proof of Age Standards Scheme hologram (a PASS card).

If you do not have a passport or another form of acceptable ID you need to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate before 26 June or you can register for a postal vote before 19 June.

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