Mepal Parish Council


The Secretary of State makes this Order in exercise of powers under section 247 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (“the Act”).

1. The Secretary of State authorises the stopping up of the highway described in the Schedule to this Order and shown on the plan numbered NATTRAN/S247/E/5664, to enable development to be carried out in accordance with the planning permission granted by East Cambridgeshire District Council, under reference 22/01213/FUL.

2. Where immediately before the date of this Order there is any apparatus of statutory undertakers under, in, on, over, along or across any highway authorised to be stopped up pursuant to this Order then, subject to section 261(4) of the Act, those undertakers shall have the same rights as respects that apparatus after that highway is stopped up as they had immediately beforehand.

3. This Order shall come into force on 03 June 2024.

Description of highway to be stopped up 

The highway to be stopped up is at Mepal, in the District of East Cambridgeshire, shown on the plan as an irregular shaped northern part width of High Street. It commences at the south western corner of 7A High Street (marked X on the plan) extending in a north westerly direction for a distance of 14.07 metres and having a maximum width of 3.65 metres.

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