Mepal Parish Council

TikToc trending act of vandalism with baked beans reaches Mepal

As you may have read on the Mepal People FaceBook group this weekend, the Mepal  bus shelter on the Sutton Road / Chestnut Way junction has been struck by the the latest TikTok trend that sees people dumping baked beans on structures. The TikTok challenge created by kids consists of nothing more than filming themselves running up and emptying tins of beans so it is assumed that if any children of Mepal residents are responsible, they are likely to have the evidence on their own phones – so please make sure it is not your children involved in this practice.

Two Mepal residents, both in their late 70’s took it upon themselves to clear up the mess, so we owe our thanks for this, but please let’s not see any more of this stupidity.

Unfortunately the evidence suggests that these beans are the type sold in Mepal Shop – so please be aware of this, and the trail of tins lead up the old Sutton Road, so it is likely that the culprits may also be Sutton residents.


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