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Welcome ​to the Mepal Parish Council Website providing information about Mepal and the activities of the Parish Council. One of the Parish Councillors is responsible for the day to day management and pages for this website, so if you have any posts or content ideas please submit these to the Parish Clerk for consideration using details provided on the contact us page. 

The Parish Council is the tier of Local Government closest to the people. The next tier is the East Cambridgeshire District Council.

On this website we outline the role and services provided by the Parish Council along with the details of our councillors. We provide you with the dates of our meetings and copies of the agendas and minutes.

This site will enable you to find out about our community and understand the roles and responsibilities of the Parish Council. It is our intention to enable more residents to play an active role in the community, participate in more.

Parish Council Meetings

Next Meeting

The next Full Parish Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 9th August at 6pm at the Community Pavilion on the Recreation Field. Due to health and availability issues, this meeting will take place from 6pm to 7pm with a prompt finish. Please contact the Clerk should you have a matter you would like addressing during the time interval between meetings.

The Agenda for Parish Council meetings will be linked here a minimum of 3 clear days before the day of the meeting. 

Previous Meetings

Latest available minutes:

Also available are the Draft minutes for the Annual Parish Meeting that was held immediately before the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

Draft minutes will be available 7-10 days after each meeting

Visit the Meetings Page for information

Latest News & Events

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Mepal Matters Newsletter

Find out what has been happening in the village and what exciting events are coming up!

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